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Reboot (without leaving game)

Idk if it’s internet connection or a bug, but I will be an hour into a game and the screen will freeze or get stuck “reconnecting” screen and I have no choice but to forfeit. We need to be able close the app and reboot without leaving the game automatically. Maybe save our spot for 1 or two minutes while we close and reopen the app. This happens CoNSTANTLY btw

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Yeah, I was hoping that SMG had finally fixed this problem - but it still happens, although not as often as before...

What I do, which works most of the time - is press the home button on my phone, then clear recent tasks, then start Risk again fresh

It will load up and ask if you want to rejoin the last game - which usually puts you back where you were before - however you have to be quick so the AI doesn't take your turn lol

It happened to me six times in a row yesterday. I couldn’t play that day because I couldn’t actually get a game started
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