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Long shot

Can you break the rank divisions down into the more nuanced Private Corporal Sergeant Lieutenant (1st and 2nd) Captain Major Colonel General It's a bit condescending to call someone a novice or beginner if they have been playing for awhile (as I know some have). Also if you use military ranking I think people will have slightly more respect. Thanks.

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Excellent idea!

Would add many more levels of rank and make it more logical... and aspirational haha!

I would rather see ranking points than titles.

If I see my rank points for example 1100 and opponent 1350 then I know difference. 

Difference between lieutenant, sergeant captain etc. is known mostly to military geeks, and not kids playing this game :)

Good input krzeszo. I, on the other hand, don't care where I rank compared to anyone else; I just want to progress between levels and know how much more until the next level.

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