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Player play-style tags/badges

As recently posted on facebook, when now the AI opponents will have certain play style I thought it would be an idea to, at some stage, implement a system with a tag/badge for players to display which will highlight their playstyle. This could be based on other players taggig from a list of options after a game (depending on how they perceived the player) or could be based on in game stats from recent games, what decisions the player took (probably harder to implement). The bagde displaying the players play style, ie turtle, assasin, etc. could be added to a players tag next to rank so when joining a game it will show for other players. Letting other players choose it has a few negatives to it, one beeing the subjectiveness of others’ opininons although basing it on actual in game track record of play style might be challanging to implement? What do you guys think? //Dutch
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