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Enemy List - Players you DON'T want to play against again

We have a Friend's List, which is great. Why not also have an Enemies List, allowing you to mark certain players you've been cheaten by or have persistently broken alliances etc, at the end of the game? This would go a long way to help alleviate the cheating issue and also help you remember which players burnt you in the past. I know it is a game and you win some, lose some but some of us just want to have a relaxed friendly game of RISK without the headaches and angst that certain players bring. A token or highlight somewhere on or near their name would help identify them when they join your game, or you join a game that they are waiting for also. This would also be a great feature for identifying those you have joined to your Friends List in the past. The improvements you have made to the game lately have been great and the game has stabilised allot. This addition would help things further. Thoughts...?

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Good idea.
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