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Swiping attack


In the spirit of making the game go faster and also to prevent running out of time when it's your turn (especially when it's near the endgame and you couldve won but lacked time to attack the last 4-5 territories with that 55 army bonus) I am suggesting that a "swipe attack" feature may added to the game.

It would work as follow:

1-Tap on a Territory to attack from

2-Tap and hold on the first target territory

3-Swipe a few adjacent territories (creating a line)

4-The UI would treat this as a blitz attack in order of territories under that "swiped line" always moving max amount of troops forward

It'd pick up the pace quite a bit on end games (I think the 5 round games was introduced for that reason) and it'd avoid loosing for a timeout.


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I like it.
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