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Much needed add-ins to the game for the community.

I recently downloaded the game, and quickly found myself paying for the premium version of the app. Now I find myself with buyers remorse, because it has become clear to me the game is lacking some much needed add-ins to make the game fair and fun.

1) IN GAME REPORTING. I can't begin to truly stress how needed this is. It feels almost 40% of my games have clear cheating with one player using another account to advantage the entire lobby. Risk usernames can be changed, and difficult to read (poor keming with the space between words) which makes it all the more difficult to report players through the forum.

2) Stop allowing payers on the same I.P address to play in the same online risk lobby. If people want to play on the same I.P. they should do so in a private match. While this won't completely solve the issue of one player using multiple accounts in a game, it certainly will limit it.

3)Stop forcing people into games with bots: I join and create online games to play with humans not bots. It's very frustrating to go from having 5 other human players, to have 3 of them not press the "ready up" button and then be forced to play a game with only 2 other humans and three bots. If human players do not ready up, the game should allow the host the option to either continue with bots, or return to the lobby and try to recollect human players. Completely unfair for those who have limited tokens to get burned like this. Furthurmore, its unfair for the premium players aswell who have to take a hit to their rank because they dont want to play with a majority of bots.

4) Add an in game explanation to how victory by 5-round rumble victory is calcualaed. I shouldn't have had to go to the game forum just to find this information, it should be available in game.

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