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Join Game Confirmation / Ready

 The feature to press "ready" when a game starts was a great way to eliminate players from forcing you into a game that was a trap or especially when you leave before the game starts but the game had actually started before you left and it dings you as a loss for exiting last second.

However, there are a lot of players who don't confirm as ready I think because they aren't paying attention. And I just missed out on a game because I usually create games and I completely forgot that I needed to push ready, even though I was there staring at the game when it started. So I have some suggestions.

1. To fix the way it currently works, players should be capable to opt to join the game at least up to a minute upon starting if the player forgot to hit ready. The game will start after 10 seconds but this could give the player a chance to jump in incase he missed it, especially when the screen pops up and says "you didn't confirm" so dummies like me can quickly hit the button to join.

2. A better system all together would be requiring that all players who have joined the game to check a box that says ready and it informs the game creator that they are ready. The game creator would not be able to push start until all are ready. Maybe put a 15s timer to the player who joined to opt in or it automatically boots him so nobody can hold up a game waiting for someone to be ready. The ready box should also be capable of being unchecked incase something happens that is not desirable for a player and to allow time to exit without the potential for a game starting during the exit.

It really sucks when you're making a game, think you have 6 players but you end up with only 4 and 2 computers with bugs that keep them from actually playing thus, a 4 player game with a bunch of dead territories you have to kill. It'd be nice if SMG would also fix the bug that makes computer players sit there and do nothing. The AI in general needs to be revamped. If a computer can kill a player, it should do that! Not try to take Asia for that stupid +7 bonus in the end of the game. It's too easy to exploit the AI so it will kill your opponent for you.

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Yes, this is horrible! I came back to playing risk after a break and this feature is making me so upset. I have yet to start a game where everyone confirms! Please fix this!!!
Why hasn’t this been implemented? I’m tired of losing out after waiting just because I forget to hit ready - being so used to creating games. And it drives me wild when two of four players are AIs. The game is no longer balanced.
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