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Preventing cheaters the correct way - power to the player

The topic of cheating on this game has been widely discussed, and if Anti cheat features are not implemented, soon this game will not have long term success -- all major online games have some form of anti cheat system except this one. This begs the question - how would such a feature be fair? How people cheat: the offending player creates two different accounts and logs in to two separate devices. Then he/she plays as two different players acting as one, often not ever attacking each other. the most realistic solution: 1. Preventing more than one player on a given wifi network from playing in one game. -- this solution is great, however it could be argued that this would prevent friends or families from joining in a Friendly game. Solution: In the game lobby, link the players connecting from the same network together with a red line. This lets the players that are aboit to get duped be informed of the potential risk BEFORE the game starts, and let's then decide whether playing a cheater or a family is worth it. 1. This solution will deter many more cheaters 2. This will also encourage families/friend groups to use the "vs. Friends" option instead of "global domination." Why is this a positive you ask? Having friends in your same game already gives you an unfair advantage. To summarize : This solution does not advocate any new rules, banning, or blocks- but instead informs the potential victims of cheating before a game starts, and let's then choose to leave our continue armed with that information.

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