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Will this game ever be fair?

My guess is no... This game has gone above and beyond to smash the belief in the law of averages... It's gone above and beyond anything i could ever imagine. A simple concept for a game....yet one that seems nearly impossible to achieve. If it isn't ridiculous dice's the AI either not attacking...or leaving your opponents easy targets in favour of your well defended ones....or even just giving them cards when they need them. I mean heck who wouldn't expect to get a set of cards every time you get 3 cards for four consecutive times in a row, whilst i wait to get mine at 4 cards or more every time nearly... The rankings system is just a joke and needs to be scrapped... To often do i see so called masters and higher ranks get bucket loads of assistance from the game whilst the rest of us get nothing. How about you make a fair game....the concept behind fair isn't hard you know and this game has failed to achieve it once in how long? At this rate I'm having to play about 40 games to find one that i would see as fairly balanced for all... For example why isn't the AI set to attack all equally? Whos stupid idea was it to have them do nothing???? I honestly wonder what they pay you for

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Dude, you're far from the only one whose wondering lol!

All we can do is wait - they are (supposedly!) working on an awesome update which is (supposedly!) coming soon! 

Otherwise, just ask for a refund and stick to playing the classic map for free...

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