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Can you change the names of the level of players?

It would be better to have military statues levels like private or general. I don't even the know the big difference between a novice, beginner. The level names are also boring.

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I would disagree (mostly because I think Grand master is the coolest title ever). But I can see where you are coming from. We have through about this, as well as adding some other sense of progression.

Keep an eye out for that in the future.



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I like Grandmaster but we should put Grandmother because they are alot stronger in power.
Believe me women can get pretty mean with power words.
Expert, Grand Master, and Master should stay, but there's room for better rank names for Novice, Beginner, and Intermediate.  Here's a rank idea:
1. Grand Master
2. Master General
3. General
4. Captain
5. Lieutenant
6. Beginner
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