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Defender Rolls Setting

The idea is that there could be an option for local games or even online games where both sides get to roll at each other (the defender gets to roll against the attacker and gets to see the dice rolls). Of course to make sure people dont idle it could auto roll the defense after 3 seconds. I think this would be a great setting for local and friend games to make it more engaging and give a friendly competitive feel (This is an updated version of my old suggestion)

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It would take up some development time and is a little more complicated to put in then it seems. There are currently more important features that we are focusing on.

- Phillip@SMG

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Phillip@SMG not sure what you mean, with all due respect. I was meaning the defending player also gets to roll instead of it being automatically done by the computer.
Why has this not been in the game yet?
As long as it's not slow I'm happy with this idea

Interesting idea. It would be fun to make it so you can swipe the dice around to shake them up before throwing.

- Phillip@SMG

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