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Please allow us to ignore ALL users, and not grey my option if they ignore me first.

Requesting feature to ignore all other players! (One ignore all button would be awesome!)

- Why can't I ignore regardless if they are ignoring me?

As it is now, someone can ignore you which greys out your ability to ignore them.

Then they use it to cheat.

- Click ally, then ignore, then ally, then ignore, then ally, then ignore

It slows you down so much as the top half of the screen is blocked by an ally windows. But the other player can click ignore which removes ally, and can reinvite you again and again and again.


BTW, just lost another game from this cheat. I was about to conquer the 3rd to the last player, and the other play repeatedly kept hitting ally and ignore over and over. The 60 second timer ended, and I missed my conquer by 1 territory due to all the pop-ups. The other payer did this to me over the next two turns and finally won, umm cheated I mean.

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An ignore all option would be nice thats for sure.

Good news is we are addressing the alliance spamming cheat as we speak. Hopefully that will get rid of the immediate need for an ignore all option.

- Phillip@SMG

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