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Hello, I joined the forum for the soul purpose of seeing if I'm the only one who thinks having the ability to hide your ranking would be useful. The jockeying of position in order to outlast the higher ranked player, and the collusion to attack a player based on their ranking alone, has taken the fun out of the game. It would be nice if you could filter games based on opponents' ranks, then see them at the reveal at the end of the game. It's almost not worth playing, otherwise. I'd be willing to pay for this option.

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This would be a good option to have indeed. The filters are something high on the list for us to do as well.

- Phillip@SMG

I dont like this idea. Weaker players should have right to know if better player is trying to blend in, and adpat their strategy. If you want to be treated equally, play with players on equal rank.

Why then is it not the weaker player's responsibility to only play with players with equal rank? One big benefit of now allowing games to filtered by rank is that there shouldn't be a need for individual rankings to be shown. I think they're missing the mark by introducing one feature without the other.

They should just get rid of the rankings.  All they do is make people cheat.  I don't go after people who are higher ranked, I couldn't care less about the rankings. 

But the higher ranked players using multiple accounts cheat is so rampant I watch every player in a game where there's experts, masters, grandmasters, etc like a hawk.  The minute I see collusion that doesn't make sense between a high ranked player and a lower ranked player that doesn't make sense I go after the higher ranked one.

I'm not going to sit back and let someone win the game who is using multiple accounts.  Just today I played a game where a Master was down to 7 troops and the blue player had them surrounded.  The Master had 4 freaking cards and the blue player didn't finish the Master off but instead went after the guy controlling Africa.

That kind of stuff is infuriating.  So I went and finished off the Master and then hounded the blue player until he was done too.  I didn't even try to win I just wanted to make sure that cheater didn't win. 

People get so wrapped up in their rankings they use all kinds of cheats to win games and it just ruins the game.

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