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Get Rid of CHEATERS!!!!

 I had several cases of people having 2 - and in one case 3 (GM) - accounts, that covertly, until a point and pretty obviously at the end assisting a player to win. After loosing I became a spectator and I saw the fake one just sitting back and getting beaten by the other one.

Several things can been done for this to stop:
1) Have a validation system in place. Validate accounts via Facebook or mobile or something and then give the option to players who host to be able to only accept validated players
2) Have a player "ban" system similar to the "friend" system
3) Have an in game forum
4) Have a player to player rating system
5) Have a way to report a game that you believe cheating took place.
6) Have a well defined official set of rules of what constitutes fair play and what is cheating

7) Assign reviewers to check out or, alternatively, create an automated system based on the above rules to review the reported games

That is what I have come up with, I'm sure people can add more and/or better suggestions but for sure something needs to be done!!!
Personally I am disgusted to see "Experts" and "GMs" out there who can't play RISK to save their life!!!

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We are working on automated systems to crack down on cheating. There are a lot of good ideas here. Currently we must do it manually, we investigate every report of unfair play sent in. If you find any cheaters, be sure to send their names through to us in a support ticket, screenshots of their names help too as sometimes they use special characters to confuse people. 

- Phillip@SMG

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