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I will definitely pay for a Westeros map

 So you already have many cool maps beside Earth, a Westeros from Game of Thrones series is a MUST for the 21st century. Make it right according to major noble Houses and regions LOREWISE OFC. I will definite pay for it and invite all my friends to join this addiction.

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We would love to do this, but licensing is an obstacle in these cases. If we are ever big time enough though, you bet!


Think of it as an investment for pushing the game into its big time! Demands are quite strong now and there are huge bases of hardcore fans of the series. Anyway appreciate for your reply and interest!


It's hard to think of it as an investment when a licence might cost $15,000 and they only sell a map pack for about $2. I think Phillip's just being polite :)

It's a little more complicated. Actually getting the license is the hard part. This is the game of thrones license after all.

Well somehow, you guys managed to get the license for Risk from Hasbro - who are a huge multi-national corporation worth over 10 billion!

I still can't get over how the hell that happened!

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