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Eliminating a player should matter

If this topic was posted before i apologies. I think Eliminating a player should count on the score board just as much as final position and oponents lvl in the game. Killing a higher rank player might pay a little more then killing novice for example. :v:

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This is an interesting idea, it would be interesting to see how it would be balanced.

- Phillip@SMG

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This would ruin games - people would aim to just kill other players, even if it means suicide for themselves... instead of using strategy to win!

I am fine with the Elimination scoreboard, seeing it as a way to display who are the badass ones. Score, however, should not have any affects on the game, just a good personal record would do.


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Please don't encourage the killing of higher ranked players. It will suck for them and they will stop playing. Eventually you will also get to the higher rank and get victimized and you will realize there's no point to play because you will be picked on when you get ranked up.

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