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Ability to see a summary of the dice results after a blitz

When you choose to blitz and win/lose you should show flash a summary of the dice roll outcomes on the screen so folks can see some "proof"

At the end of the a game when you offer specter mode you should have a scroll bar from the beginning to the current moment that users can slide back and forth to see the game play and if desired see the dice rolls. This would help users analyze the dice data.

If you allowed the feature of saving the game movie with dice data to their iCloud or your server (an in game app purchase) you could commoditize it and allow folks to generate a YouTube or Twitch video of it for sharing.

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I like this idea, although I'm not sure if it will add more fuel to the dice hating fire.

- Phillip@SMG

So put out the fire - by fixing the dice dangit lol! 

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