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More information before joining a game

 I'd like to have more information before joining or even think about joining a game, and in particular the following things:

  1. Who 's in the game allready?
  2. What are the ranks? (before joining!)
  3. Are there 'friends' in the game?

So, to give an idea about the implementation:

  • Join a game, but don't choose a spot yet! Choose it manually. (easy to implement idea)
  • Add a small and live table to the gameslist (less easy to implement)
  • Give friends in the same game, some kind of small bullet near their name in the same color. (easy)

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Out of all these, adding a table sounds best even tough it means we would have to redo he games list UI.

- Phillip@SMG

But it would significantly improve the UX.


Indeed it would :)

- Phillip@SMG

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