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Color Selection/Options

I think it would be nice to have a side bar or openable tab in the lobby where players can choose their player color. Currently, the only way you can choose a color is by cycling them by removing all player slots first, or by adding a bot. As is, having to cycle random colors is very annoying. It could also be cool to have more colors with maybe two or so shades for each. Say maybe for red, you would have a maroon, cherry, and pastel shade.

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Sounds like a nice quality of life change

-  Phillip@SMG

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Some colors don't work well for me, I would like to identify in my profile the colors I want to see for my opponents in order of preference. If not, at least when creating AI opponents walk through each color, don't keep repeating the same colors I already rejected.
I love the game! 2 things I wish you would change. 1. Red and pink are too close in hue and I have lost several games by missing 1 country. Please eliminate pink. 2. Would it be difficult to install a digital timer vs. The time bar? Hard to tell how much time I have left in a turn. Thank you!
The red and pink or magenta colors are too similar. Can you replace pink with a dark blue or something?
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