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Record Inspections

I am sick of the leaderboard being cluttered with the accounts used by cheaters. Why not subject accounts to record inspections to check for suspicious behavior? Suspicious behavior includes playing with the same opponents all the time, winning all the time, playing games with opponents on the same network or from nearby locations. If the account being checked were found to be cheating it would have its rank reset to an entry level novice. Record inspections could be random like the drug tests in professional sports, could specifically target leaderboard accounts, or both.

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As mentioned before, we are working on an automated system to do something like this. Unfortunately we do not have the manpower to manually check hundreds of accounts on a regular basis.


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Great! I didn't notice when you said you were working on this. I never thought you would do this manually and expected it to be automated.
Although I'm very confident that each account in the top ten is a cheater so if you just looked at the top ten manually that would be a great start.


The first question is though - how soon will this arrive? 

And the second question is - will SMG answer the first question lol

We still start by releasing a basic way to report cheaters in game, this will be released within the next couple months.

Then at a later date the full anti cheat suite will come. But for that i'll have to give you the "soon" treatment.

- Phillip@SMG

Two Months for the "basic" upgrade is way too slow dude - stop surfing and do some work lol!

What plans do you have for the "full anti cheat suite" - how will it be implemented? 

SMG you could do something very simple and very effective today if you wanted to. You could look at the record of the top ten accounts. Then the next day ten more and so on. Until you can implement your anti-cheating plans.
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