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Bot free label for games

Games in the global domination and play friends screens have a "bot free" label if there are no bot players in the game. Why is this needed? It is ridiculously difficult to fill the sixth player slot in a game. Five fill easily but then waiting for a sixth can take so long that the players you already have quit. If I have a game with five slots filled and one open the have observed that if I kick a player that slot is quickly refilled but the sixth slot takes a long time to fill and mostly it will fill with novices. I believe this happens because players are so used to games where the host has added four bots and is just waiting to trap an opponent in their game that few will join as a sixth anymore. Those who do are mostly inexperienced novices who haven't played long enough to catch on to the bot games thing. So I suggest that games with no bots have a "bot free" label so that player can safely join as a sixth. Or games with bots could have a "bot players" label.

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Yup - everybody hates the Bots as they ruin games!

Unfortunately, you end up playing against one no matter what - because so many people leave the game half way through... some ideas are needed to try and reduce that from happening...

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