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Remove Dice Scroll Bar & Add More Blitz Options

When making Single attacks - instead of having to scroll through the options of:

- Blitz

- 3 Dice

- 2 Dice

- 1 Dice

Just have all the options placed as buttons, in a row at the bottom of the screen

People can tap what they want, and can change their plan far more easily as the attack progresses

Also, it would be great if a few more Blitz options were added:

- "Maxi Blitz" which we have now that attacks until your troops go down to 1

- "Mini Blitz" which attacks until your troops get to 3 or a number you can choose 

- "Move Blitz" which kills the territory and moves all the troops forward

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I like the extra blitz options :)


But you don't like Dice Button idea? Say it ain't so Phil!

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