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Nerf bot games

I think that for each bot player in a game the rank points given for winning or finishing well should be reduced by some percentage. I am only talking about the easy, medium, hard, and expert AI not humans replaced by bots. Once a player's rank reaches the upper part of master the best way for them to move up is to play games with multiple bot opponents. The more bots there are in a game the easier it is to win because they are terrible and are not a serious threat. Also if a six player game starts out with two bots then if more humans quit during the game it gets even easier to win. With four bots you just need one opponent to quit then it's a free win! I don't think it's any coincidence that the leaderboard is so full of players who play against 2-4 AI opponents and 1-3 humans. I have an account on the leaderboard where I play against four AI and one human. With my other accounts I play all human (or on rare occasion almost all human opponents). Those accounts can reach the leaderboard but don't move as far up and then fall back off. Of course my skill level is the same across all of them. I claim that right now the higher part of the leaderboard is mostly filled with people who play bots and people who cheat. The people who play the bots aren't necessarily better than some lower ranked players who play humans yet are still ranked better. It is for those reasons that I think bot games need to be nerfed.

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