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Unlimited time for online play

Hi I understand there is a feature on your device against the computer but I and a friend bought the unlimited play and then we found out after that we can't use unlimited time. This feature should be able to be used when all players agree and who paid for the app

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Hi Corey,

Could you clarify, what do you mean when you say "unlimited time" do you mean the turn time or time you have unlimited tokens for?



Sorry for that. Yes I'm talking about the turn time. I'm getting friends to buy the game so we can play at work an when ever but all of us can't be on the phone at all times.

Unlimited turn times is a feature we would love to include but currently do not as is it not possible within the current system. We plan to add it in the future, but it will take time as it a a large feature to add in for the reasons i mentioned :)

- Phillip@SMG

Thank you for getting back so quickly. I understand takes time. Within that time I will get more people to add this game an buy the unlimited tokens.
in majorcommand, you have 24h to make your move. That would be great to see it. I don't have time to play online.. Major command also let you have more than one game at time, in that 24h move system.
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