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Automatic Spectate Setting...

Nice job on adding the Spectate feature dudes!

Would be great if you could add a setting in the Options for "Auto-Spectate"

This would make it so that the game Always and Seamlessly switches to Spectate after being defeated - without exiting the game, or having to press the button... so saving time and making sure you don't miss the next move of the guy who just killed you lol

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This could be a nice addition :). The community will let us know if the demand for it is high.

- Phillip@SMG

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Dude, it's only adding an extra Setting - so doesn't require much design or coding changes...

Be like Nike - and Just Do It lol... more optional Settings make the game more polished and refined and therefore more likely to gain paying customers! 

Very few minor tweaks like this will get much demand here - as hardly anybody posts on the forum bro!

Great idea! Love it!

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