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Offer a draw

Some games, especially fixed games, reach a point where everyone is really strong and the game is stable. In extreme cases this state may continue for hours until players begin to quit. I think players should be able to offer a draw. In chess players may offer a draw when the game is deadlocked and the game always ends when moves are repeated three times in a row. In risk if a game is deadlocked or players need to do something else they should have the draw option. A player should only be able to offer a draw on their turn and only once each turn. If all human players accept the draw offer during that same turn the game would end. If even one human does not accept the offer the game continues.

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This would be a great feature to have. Definitely something to add to the wish list.


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Good idea - but it does have a down side... 

If one player wants to continue playing (because they are most likely to win) then the others may just leave the game anyway (so you're stuck fighting the crazy bots!) or they will probably all decide to attack and kill you for not agreeing to the draw lol!

I don't suggest that players should know who has or hasn't accepted the draw offer.
I still think this is needed. Anyone who has played a lot of this game knows that in fixed, and on rare occasions even in progressive bonus, games can sometimes get a little out of hand. Simple solution to the three or more players with a stable balance of power situation. Much better than the game being decided by who has to do something else soonest.
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