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Semi-Auto Setup & Dice-Rolls

The automatic setup and Blitz dice rolls are nice because they speedup the game, but it would be nice if there were semi-automatic modes that hews more closely to the original game:

A SemiAuto map setup would randomly assign territories but allow players to take turns allocating troops.  This gives the game an element of randomness but gives players more strategic initiative earlier in the game.

A semi-automatic dice roll (perhaps a "charge" mode?) would roll automatically until the number of dice being thrown drops by one.  So if you are attacking with 5 armies, Charge would attack until the total troop count drops to 3.  At that point, clicking charge again would continue attacking until the troop count drops to 2.

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Oops, just found that the semi-auto setup is in the works!

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I really like this semi-auto setup like in real risk rules. Anyway, where can I found the "in-works" ?

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This method of set-up would be the best!

However, to keep things fair - placing troops should happen in real-time simultaneously with everyone... so everybody can see what the others are planning lol

And, being able to change your mind and move troops to other territories, as you see what your opponents do - then everybody hits a "Ready To Play" button to start the game

This would make things as close as possible to a real life game!

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