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Easy Way To Prevent Cheating...

It's frustrating how rampant cheating is with Risk - in that 1 person joins a game controlling 2 players... which can be done very easily just by using 2 devices

Whether they use WiFi or Cellular - the IP address of both will be Local...

Therefore if SMG created an option that blocks two Local players from joining a game - it would stop cheating immediately!  

This option might mean it takes a little longer to find enough players to start a game - but people would be assured that all the people who join will be from different parts of the world... and not the same dude sitting in his bedroom lol

Naturally if a group of friends who live locally want to start a game - they can go in to settings and turn-off the option

Seems like a quick and effective fix to me... now over to you SMG!

This idea is not a bad option. It is something we might consider. We will be taking steps towards developing anti cheat options very soon.


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What Anti-Cheat ideas are you guys considering? 

Talk to your user base and get some feedback dude!

Seriously! All long lived games either crowd source fixes or respond to feedback

Welcome dude - to the legendary Australian games developer known as SMG lol!

In Sydney "very soon" means - in about 12 months or so!

SMG could also use a combination of:

Internet public IP

Device gateway's local IP`s

Device gateway's local MAC address

Device location

Frequency players joined same game

Win rate when pairs on same game and not

and son on....

Use a score based, ask a data analyst to use all data available to identify/track down all cheaters using game data status/device/network info.

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