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No Ally mode

Would love the feature when hosting games, to not allow allies. (No Allies = On/Off)

Wont stop cheating, but will end most of this petty attacking just out of spite because I wont be your ally even though I have NEVER ATTACKED YOU ONCE IN GAME!

So many times I click no, to see them kill themselves just to get back at me and we both die, great strategy.

No allies for me, I hate allying in a game with only one winner.

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I agree 100%. People are requesting alliances before you are done filling the map out in manual mode. How can you give someone a rank when they have never won a game of their own. I actually think with all the allying you should have no allies as the default. I am an old school A RISK player and we never used allies. This should never have been integrated as a rule. I have no idea how you came to the decision to allow this but you need to rethink this because it is the root to everything wrong with Risk online!!!!!

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True - its clear that SMG are not really fans of Risk... so much of the game has been designed in a way thats its obvious they have never really played the game lol!

@Aitch Our in house RISK collection would argue the opposite.

Alliances are a controversial part of the game, we are gathering more opinions before we make changes to how it works.

- Phillip@SMG

Come on Philster - the lack of updates to the game is bad enough... now you wanna add a lack of honesty too lol

Dude, originally you guys showed how much of the map a player controlled by using a percentage = obviously you guys have hardly played Risk at all!

Even little things - like not being able to choose which country gets the 2 bonus troops when you hold the card... kinda gives away the fact that none of you have truly understood the game!

However the biggest sign that clearly shows y'all are not Risk enthusiasts - is that you didn't add an indicator of how many troops all the players will get next round... this is fundamental to the strategy of the game, but wasn't (and still isn't!) implemented...

There is nothing wrong with admitting you guys don't play the game - what is frustrating is that y'all are not listening to your customers and fixing the bugs!

Some, maybe even most of the issues could be solved with just one days hard work - but that day never seems to come lol

Quit surfing all the time and go do some coding man lol!

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