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Fix Color Selecting Issue & Add/Change some Colors

1. COLOR-SELECTING ISSUE: Right now, you can click on your character to change your color, while you are waiting for others to join. ~HOWEVER, EACH EMPTY (BLACK) SPOT THERE IS, WAITING FOR A PLAYER TO JOIN, ALREADY HAS A COLOR ASSIGNED TO IT, BEFORE THE SPOT HAS EVEN BEEN FILLED! It's holding that color hostage! PREVENTING ANYONE FROM BEING ABLE TO CHOOSE IT! So unless you remove all the player spots, and make it 1 person game, until you get your color, there are always colors you can't choose. So if you want to allow the other players to able to pick their colors, you have to add another player to the game, one at a time, after the next player joins!! ~Plus, you could at least show which color is assigned to which empty spot so you can see which spot to remove to get your color COLORS CHOICES: 1. ~The yellow & orange colors look alike! It can be kind of hard to tell apart when both are playing. ~Plus they're both brownish & dull & ugly! Maybe if you brightened them up more vibrantly they would stick out more and be prettier 2. More variety of colors would be nice... Silver, Black, Gold, Pink???

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