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Game With 'Experts' or higher?

Since a lot of players want to achieve higher ranking, could a feature be set up where we can open a game, but limit those that join to be specific rank or higher? Ex: I'd like to only allow Intermediate, Expert, Master, or Grandmaster ranked players

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This is super important! Especially since as a master or expert level, I don't get much credit for beating novices, yet it seems to hurt my ranking even more i lose against a novice or beginner. When i start a game i get flooded with novices and hardly ever see high level people

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Novices will make up the overwhelming majority of players out there - so finding higher ranked people is naturally gonna be difficult!

It would be interesting if SMG added an extra "Global Info" screen - which gave stats on how many total players there are at the different ranks, different countries etc etc... 

Love this idea!  Wholeheartedly agree!!!

I was about to post a similar request and decided to check to see if someone else already suggested this. In my opinion this option is badly needed. When I was a novice I got very frustrated with master players continuously kicking me from their games. I did not understand why and it really made me angry at times. Now I am expert level and completely understand. When I host games it takes me 5 minutes of kicking novices out before I finally get 3-4 opponents of similar skill level. This is frustrating for both lower level and higher level players. Please consider this as an option!

Also I find that players tends to prefer to attack higher ranks, to achieve more points in case of victory, resulting in unfair games

(for example when you are the only expert in a beginners board - it can happen that everybody attack you)

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