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General Game Idead and Improvement Requests

Hi Guys, First of all, can I say thankyou for the countless hours of joy you have brought me and to all the fans of this amazing app. Here are my improvment requests: Maps: 1) World Map with all the countries on earth on it. - Large countries could be split into major areas 2) Maps dedicated to full earth continents with all countries and territories 3) Maps depicting more epic battles throughout history and potentially modern conflicts. E.g.American Mexican war, Vietnam War, Stalingrad. Modern e.g. Korean Peninsula, Isreal Palestine, Serbia vs Croatia, Syria civil war, Iraq, Afganistan (Modern maps eould be amazing) 4) Spherical map, where 6 equal sides all have tiles with exactly the same risk and movement opportunities - it would be amazingly challenging to gain the upper hand Game Rules: 1) No card gameplay option + No continental bonuses - bonuses are strickly determined by the amount of territories controlled. (E.g you get reinforcement equating to 50% of your held territories. 10 territories = 5 troops) A.I: 1) A lot of the time when the game enters a critical stage where a bot cound get the upper hand, "I'll pull a runner" and try to run through as many occupied territories so that I can limit their reinforcement count. A.I's never do this, but they should. 2) A.I's should be able to create and break alliances if it is requisite for their survival. Thankyou in advance for your time and consideration
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