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Ads for coins

Hi! So, I seen that this was a request forum discussion and I would like to suggest if you guys could put in ads, but only for you to receive a certain amount of coins, like watching ads for coins.. Because I'm a little impatient about playing, it's a good game! And I don't want to wait every so hours to get coins. Thanks for listening!

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As someone who’s bought the premium-unlimited play, I love this idea for a few reason: 1. It will increase the number of active games and number of players in the pool 2. I hope to goodness it will generate revenue for SMG to create a better software development lifecycle, enhancements, and release management 3. The more active players and the better product upkeep should attract more new players from the app stores, which should draw more and more new players, and so on

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And hey, the more active players, the more ads that get watched, which means more revenue for SMG, and a better product, and therefore more players, and so more ads and more revenue... and on and on and on - it’s a feature with perpetual benefit. SMG, let me know if you need a resource to negotiate advertising rates and contracts ^.^ I’ll work on commish and expenses XD

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