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What about a proper browser with filters?

Every time I try to browse games it resets me back to 1. Also, I can't filter out certain maps, game modes and so on. It's very frustrating to use in its current state.

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Yes it's so frustrating right now. Hope SMG gets their act together soon.
This request is an important one. In combination with the fact that launched games stick around for a while rendering the error message attached hereto, when attempting to join those games. Usally the number #1 game is a bogus one. Like drbier pointed out, when browsing you get knocked back to #1 every few seconds. It is almost impossible to join, let's say, game #14. Since I only play 60s progressive games on the standard map, it is sometimes almost impossible to play a game. When hosting a game, it takes a lot if time before people are able to join my game, probably because they get knocked back as well. Probably also because it takes a while before your hosted game ranks up in a range that makes it easier for others to avoid the knockback (i.e. joinin a lobby before knockback takes place.) To me, this aspect is ruining the experience, and I am considering quitting the game because of it. Fix this, fast! Please.
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