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Option for unlimited timer

It would be great to be able to play Risk leisurely and make your turn when you have a few free minutes throughout the day. The option to create a game with an unlimited timer would be nice.

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This is kinda a big omission for multiplayer games. My family loves the game, and one of the advantages of an online game is playing from different locations AND in different timelines. There really should be a multiplayer turn timer option for unlimited so we can take turns when we have time and continue a game at leisure, without everyone's attention having to be on the game at the same time. This should be very easy to implement, it already exists in single player games. And the beauty of it is, it's a choice; you would only have to use it if you wanted to. Please implement.

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Would love a multiplayer mode where you can come back later on. My friends and I don’t always have an hour to play but if we could play like a words with friends style, that’d be great.

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I agree! Being able to play with friends throughout the course of a day would help us play a lot more, and you could turn it on or off at will. Also I would switch to premium if the turn timer could be disabled. Currently holding out because my friends and I all want to be able to play this way and we currently cannot.
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