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Very difficult to level up

I've been playing this game for a few months now & I've won 25 games online, lost 122. I enjoy playing for hours every day, but my losses seem to clearly overpower any wins I have. My rank is below 2 million, which I'm pretty sure is awful. There's no way to tell what merits a level up to beginner, intermediate, etc. So there's little to no hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm mostly just requesting some specific outlines of when one will level up. Btw, the pic I attached is a couple weeks outdated, but u can see how shameful my rank is.
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I think Beginner starts somewhere in the 390,000-120,000 range. Good news is if you start winning you can move up to high ranks even if you have a losing record. Placing second is also like a win if low ranked and playing with 5 or six total players. Another thing you could always do is start a new account. Also I believe SMG has a partial explanation of the rank system in the risk FAQ.

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Thanks! I read their FAQ about the ranking, but they didn't specify anything about the ranks themselves. You gave me the first hope I've had in weeks! Lel
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