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So there used to be a version of Risk called Ultimate Risk. You could do a whole lot more with it and get REALLY involved in the game. You could buy Generals and Fort to help your armies. The maps had more details and territories to make the game longer, and strategic. Troops weren't just killed off, they could be captured and then traded back as POWs. So my idea is to add some of those features. Generals would cost 3 troops to place. They start out as a one star general and would add a 8 sided dice to the roll(either attacking or defending) The computer keeps track and after five wins you get a promotion. Two star generals get a 12 sided dice. Three star generals have a 16 sided dice. Four star generals have a 20 sided dice. If a general's dice loses by 4 or more the general is KIA, and a player is limited to four generals and two admirals at any one time. Forts cost 3 troops to place and add 1 to every dice during a roll to defend. A citadel costs 5 troops and adds 2 to every dice during a roll. Be carefull where you place them because they can be used by the player who holds the territory even when it changes hands. The oceans are divided into tiles that can be held with ships. If you have a territory on the coast you can buy ships just like troops. Ships are placed, attack, defend, and move just like troops in land. Instead of continents, holding whole oceans( Atlantic, Pacific, Indian) give you extra bonus ship, which must be used on water tiles. Holding whole oceans also lets you attack anywhere along the coast as opposed to just the sea lanes. You can buy Admirals to use just like generals. Troops can be randomly captured as opposed to just dying in battle. At the start of every turn you have the option of trading POWs for extra troops when placing. Assassin cards can be randomly givin instead of territory cards for wins. You can use one assassin card at the start of a return to kill one general. Maps can be bigger with more territories. Instead of five territories in South America, there's 15. North America could have 20 or 25, and so on. More territories means more troops, and bigger bonuses. This would make the game longer, and would require more strategy to hold onto. I used to play this game with my friends for hours back in the day, it got really involved and could last for hours. All of the extras force you to have and use a different strategy, but it keeps the simplicity of the classic RISK that makes the game so fun. Always fun to see a strategy take shape or crumble in defeat. I would totally pay extra to be able to play this again!! Hope you guys like my idea, sorry for such a long post!! If you like the idea hit the like this idea button below!!

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