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Hey, I recently started playing the risk game you have some feedback. Really good mechanics and AI settings. But it feels a little repetitious and mundane. I think adding some abilities to the game such as gain some extra troops or add 1 to your die rolls for a turn or two would make the game feel more interactive and immersive, not to mention an aspect like that would crank up the strategy level. They could have a cooldown of however many turns or have a Charge!!! Meter that fills up depending on the number of territories you gain and/or the number of troops you defeat. Off the top of my head something like the ability needs 100 points before using again territories worth 10 and troops are worth 1 or 2 points. Maybe something like a Blitzkrieg Bonus where if you take many territories in a single turn such as 3 territories adds 10 points 5 adds 20 and 10 (being as that's almost impossible to do) would completely fill the Charge!!! Meter. These are just suggestion but as a strategist I would find this very alluring.
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