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Game suggestion: Select class, exclude players who have played before or recently together, alternative ranking system

I suggest a more tempting and fair play mode:

1) Select the class of players you want. Or create games with players having plus-minus one class. That way, the game will be more tempting and competitive and climbing the ranking would be more challenging and meaningful. At the same time, cheaters who use double accounts and promote the better classification/ranking of one account over the other, would be excluded that way. 

2) Option to exclude players who have played together before. That way cheaters who use two accounts (almost all grandmasters and many of masters classification) would have to play equally without advantage, and the rank or class becomes meaningful about one's true capabilities. Or at least there is data provided when two players played before in the same game. 

3) Different classification and ranking for different game modes. The classification and ranking of a player should be accordingly to the game modes one prefers to play. A player who favors games of two players shouldn't be compared in classification (and rank) with those players who play games with 6 players. There should be a different classification for different play modes.The inactive accounts should have their ranking dropped.

I believe all those suggestions would make the game more fair, tempting and meaningful for those who are good strategists or in a good form. Upvote or discuss :)

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On the first point, I completely agree. However, I think Risk should add an additional ranking (Let's just say Advanced) and then make all games plus or minus two ranking classes.  This way, Novices would play Novices-Intermediate.  Intermediates would play Novices - Expert, Advanced would play Beginners-Masters, Experts would play Intermediates-Grand Masters, Etc. etc. I also agree that this would also help to reduce the amount of people who are playing with two avatars.

For the second one, I like the idea, but I don't think it should exclude people who have EVER played together...Instead, it should exclude people who have played together recently....something like that.  I think Risk should also make a "Team" game play, where two or more players can play together against other teams of two or more.  Maybe people who want to play with friends against other opponents would use that option. 

For the last one, I'm not as worried about people who like to play with a different number of players in their games as I am about people who play progressive vs. fixed games. They really are two totally different games with totally different strategies.  Idk how Risk can calculate rankings together based on those two game modes. 

Inactive players should not have their ranking dropped. Not everyone has the time or the interest needed to play often and they should not be penalized for that. I like the idea of different ranks for fixed and progressive mode.
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