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I think you should implement setting for the following...(Being able to turn aliences ON/OFF.) Also, if the alience option is turned on, have a setting where the "Match Creator" can set for a certain amount of (Moves Before Being Able to Attack an Ally.) eg. 1-10 moves must be taken before attacking an ally that a player made an alience with. And while im here, why not making a option for 2players vs. 2 players? Some more maps would be awsome too!, Just saying. :') All in all, ive loved this board game since i was a child, and you guys made me love it again! So thank you and keep up the good work. Tyler Moran

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I find this game almost unenjoyable to play anymore. I was playing 4 card fixed card setup . Each player had a continent except one . The lone player without a continent attacks one country then moves back , South America build his armies up by attacking 1 country in N Americaa . I have Australia and the other player has Africa. He is doing the same thing and obviously had made an alliance with S America . Realizing these two had made an Alliance I offered the other player an alliance he refused as we continue attacking one country collect a card an armies . I realize this was going to take forever so I attacked Africa just enough so he couldn't collect his full armies . We go back and forth like this for a few turns while SA and the lone player amassed lots of Armies then the lone territory starts attacking me . Then the Africa comes and sits next to me he has 3 fewer armies 42 to 45. as he goes into the manual mode. After two turns of this I had no choice but to commit suicide on Africa leaving me with 20 armies . Next turn SA who hasn't attacked anybody comes and cleans us both up . I know this is fair but their needs to be a limit on the amount of armies someone can place on a country , we used to play 12 at max. This happens quite frequently where you have to fight not by choice and the other who is just treading water collecting armies . That is a cowards way of playing playing if you ask me . What strategy is it to make an alliance with another player before the first turn and just sit and wait and amass 75 armies on one country then clean up everytime. I never get that opportunity because it seems the alliances are done as soon as the armies are set. They must know each other because they never accept mine or turn on me the first chance they get. I call BS on this type play. Attack conquer why just sit and collect and wait . Boring as hell.
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