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Choose Difficulty of Opponents

In Global Domination mode, allow filters in game settings to choose level of difficulty of opponents. Most Masters do not want to play Novices, and vice versa. These filters would make it much more expedient to join a game of one's skill level.

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I would also love to be able to have more freedom in choosing difficulty for each individual computer player in single player mode (e.g. instead of three opponents all medium, being able to play one expert and two medium players).

I was about to pet a similar request and decided to check to see if someone else already suggested this. In my opinion this option is badly needed. When I was a novice I got very frustrated with master players continuously kicking me from their games. I did not understand why and I really made me angry at times. Now I am expert level and completely understand. When I host games it takes me 5 minutes of kicking novices out before I finally get 3-4 opponents of similar skill level. This is frustrating for both lower level and higher level players. Please consider this as an option!

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