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Unlimited turn timer.

An option that my friends and I were dissipointed did not exist, was the ability to create and play a game with an unlimited time limit for making turns. It's rare that we can give the app constant attention to finish a game with work, school, ect. An unlimited turn timer with notifications when your turn has arrived would allow for long battles with friends throughout the span of a day or more.

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This is kinda a big omission. My family loves the game, and one of the advantages of an online game is playing from different locations AND in different timelines. There really should be a multiplayer turn timer option for unlimited so we can take turns when we have time and continue a game at leisure, without everyone's attention having to be on the game at the same time. This should be very easy to implement, it already exists in single player games. And the beauty of it is, it's a choice; you would only have to use it if you wanted to. Please implement.

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YES, please!

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That's nuts. Games already take way to long. If you want that buy the board game.
I agree, there should be an option for myself and friends to play a round throughout the week when we might have a couple minutes here or there. That's the beauty of games like words with Friends

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I second this.
Seems obvious... =/ Want to play with friends around the world and not need to be online for the entire game. Even an 8 or 12 hr time limit would be enough.
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