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Good Sportsmanship

I'd like you to know that I have enjoyed playing Risk with you. I lose, I win and still I enjoy the game. If you do too don't take loss to seriously. Anger over a game should be short lived. There are a lot worse things that could happen to you. Learn from your mistakes and from those who take you out. Be a good ally and friend. Study tactics and have fun. If I could make one suggestion to the creators of this Risk version it would be to allow players to say to each other, in some way, "thanks for the game" and/or "good game".

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Great Idea!

Maybe even have some kind of 5 Star Rating after the game ends - you hit 5 stars for a good game and 1 for a bad one lol

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Agree ... I understand why there is no "chat" in games !!! ... but something like a "formed chat" where it is more than smileys to communicate Good/Bad ... 

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