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How can you guys sell this game when it constantly crashes, where does the money go? And no its not every time but often enough that you can't justify charging for it. Makes me upset cause it's the only game I've come to enjoy and when it freezes mid game it blows my mind. If it was any other game I would have deleted it long ago but you got me by the balls because I like playing this extremely upsetting game. Do better I would buy this game but then I'd only be proving to you that it's that good of a game that you do not have to apply yourselves into resolving these glitches

I have to agree. This game crashes way too often and most of my crashes result in the computer taking over, doing something I don't want it to do and costing me the win. Don't charge for the game if you can't keep it from screwing players over. How do I get a refund?

I am putting together an analytical report. Please send me your email if you would like me to install a tracker on your phone, so you can participate in the crash test. It is my opinion that SMG is doing it on purpose. This is a potential lawsuit. Trying to force people to pay for the upgraded version by constantly crashing on purpose. Reply here

That's ridiculous to be honest. Have you seen how many top 500 players are non-premium? I played without premium for ages without a single crash.

And now with premium, I have had a few crashes, so I doubt it's getting people to pay for it.

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