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Join game filter options and stop going back to first game while scrollong

Set game parameters to filter and view games that meet your criteria. At a minimum turn time and card method. Also fix scrolling through open games, i am consantly bumped back to game one and dont get chance to review and join games.

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This 1000 times pls. The game browser is really bad,

This would be useful, search for fixed between 60 and 120 secs and so on.

Yes, game filter is a MUST! At times there are almost over 100++ games online and players have to scroll up/down to search for available games or games that they prefer, which is a complete waste of time. Make game filter available based on the different citeria available as in the settings like map choice, auto/manual, turn timer, progressive/fixed etc plus "any" option along with each citeria. So example a player looking to play in a USA map with 120s auto with either progressive or fixed can filter by USA/120s/auto/any and this would saved so much unnecessary time to scroll up/down. Please implement game filtering soon, it is really so troublesome to keep scrolling to search for available games online that one prefer.
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