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Random matchmaking

Hi, After encountering a great number of very obvious teamers(experts and masters leaving 1 troop on their respective border the whole game, ganging up on non-treathening players, etc.) and novice players who do not understand the game which is very frustratring when they are between you and another experienced player whom they let grow unchallenged and take very few risks. A solution to that could be quick play matchmaking that actually take into account your skill level or threat level(determined on how aggressive you play, number of players you have wiped out, etc.) and number of games played, average finishing position and etc. To match you with other similar plays or atleast let the beginners play between themselves a bit before joining the big boys. And of course, those games could only be joined from the quickplay option to avoid teamers and should take into account your settings preference(fixed or progressive, number of players, map, time per turn(could be set at 120s which is usually perfect and would divide the avalaible player base a bit less)). Oh and please fix my dice, I currently have 21% of my rolls that are 1's ;(

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Matchmaking based on ELO / skill level is an absolute necessary.

Play against random without seeing their level before and which are potentially Master is a total non sense when you are Beginners it is a very frustrating experience.

All video games have an auto match making based on ELO, it's a basic today in any game to ensure a good player experience : This part need to be improve for sure.

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