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Implementing this idea would be great for the communication of players. Several options will be given, because the game really needs this. I am talking about- well- talking! Basically messaging. First off, when a player sends a friend request and it gets accepted, they gain a new friend (duh). However, then they realize, what can they do with that friend? Play a game with them or remove them. That's it! So this idea adds a way for the friends to communicate. Some system should add either a kind of texting thing, or a way to talk with selected words such as,"hi, how are you doing?","happy birthday!", and,"good game!". This would make friends more important and make it so that people will WANT friends. Another idea is to add this into the game. When people press the people-icon in game, and it brings up the players, their statistics, if you want to ally them, and who you want to attack, their should also be a little text box to make it so that people may type a short scentence in there, or again, have a selection of scentences to choose from. These would be such as,"want to ally?", "let's get the (color) player!", and "nice move there!". This would make it so that there would be better communication. A scentence that would especially be needed for this, if it is implemented, would be,"sorry, didn't mean to attack you there!". Also, adding several encouraging scentences would boost up players and motivate them to play more. Lastly, if implemented, typing a short scentence would have to have some moderation, such as players not being able to say inappropriate or bad words. Also, players should only be able to send a phrase or scentence in for every 15 seconds, and there should be a notification for when a player gets a message from someone in their game, or a friend. Maybe a little ding with a triangle or something like that, that pops up on the icon. Now, this idea is just an idea. If it is implemented, it would motivate players, help them communicate, and understand what others are doing. This should really be looked into. So please, vote on this to be added. This took a long time to type. Thank you for reading this idea, and for your time. Also, maybe comment/post another forum adding on to this. Thanks, and go play some Risk!

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I agree. I have just posted additional ideas in a different topic. . Sorry, only found this topic after creating the other one.

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