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Confirm Game Start

Too many times I'll join a game, see it's loaded with people I don't want to play and exit immediately. There is a bug in the game where the host of a game can press start before you actually leave, but you don't see the game starting because of a delay. And if you leave, your player gets sucked into the game as a computer and you have no clue about it, until your rank goes down from the inevitable loss. I'd like to have a "confirm/Ready" button so I can say I approve of starting. Maybe have it auto accept after a certain amount of time being in the game, or force the host to not be able to start the game for at least 10 seconds when all spots are filled. At the very least, we should be notified if a game starts with our player in it but we're not in the game.


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You're right!

Almost every game I play has someone who immediately is taken over by a Bot - no doubt they wanted to leave but were dragged in to the game lol...

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Yes, I have this same problem. :frowning_face:
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