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Game Rooms and Game Titles

There should be categorized rooms to choose from when creating and joining games. For a simple example, you could have 3 rooms:
Advanced Players

When you join one of those rooms, you only see games under those categories. And you can create games under whichever room you want to go into. Would be even better if the rooms as mentioned above, restricted players based on ranks. You could also have rooms based on the number of players to be in the game, ie 4 or 6 player games. Rooms based on maps used would also be beneficial to help sort through the games. And if we're not restricting players based on rank, there could be an "all" to just flip through all games like we have now.

I'd also like to be able to name my games. I hate having it be "Person's Game" Would be nice if I could name my game "Experts only" for the time being while we're waiting for something to be done about the mix of novices and grandmasters.


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Excellent Idea!

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