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Change Ranking Rules

RANKING RULE 2 STATES: "It takes into account the relative skill level of players. The number of Ranking Points gained or lost from a game of RISK takes into account the strength of your opposition. This means beating strong opponents gains more ranking points, and losing to weak opponents loses more ranking points." PROBLEM: This promotes "in-breading" or "clicks" at the higher levels. Higher level RISKers (you like that!) can choose to play only against other high ranking RICKers because they don't want to "risk" loosing to lesser ranked RISKers (which would lead to a harder blow to their rank). This makes it harder for lower ranks to advance and easier for higher ranks to remain high. Unfair. SOLUTION: All wins against rank count the same. A win is a win is a win. (Rule #1 still applies) BECAUSE I know at times I am playing against someone's 3-4 year old son or daughter (rank 350,000th) that just LOVES to kill the red RISKer. LOL!!! And I think, at times, it's harder to win against that toddler then a Grandmaster. Where's my points for beating the unpredictable 3 year old!

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I do not think this solution would work. Then high level players would only want to battle lower level players, and it would get boring for higher level players and frustrating for newer players. I agree this is a problem, but this solution would make it worse
I would like my rank to be hidden during play becaise it seems to me that lower ranked players tend to team up against higher ranked players.

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Yes, Jonathan, exactly! That's why a win should be a win and rank shouldn't matter. When rank matters then lower ranks just need to beat a higher rank and they get points no maker how they place, theoretically. So, yes they gang up and eliminate the higher ranking RISKer and it's a win for them all. I agree, at the very least hide the ranks so there is no ganging up on higher players, or lower players for that matter, cause it can go both ways, I suppose.
So, after rereading ranking rule #2 it says "relative skill level". Is "skill level" equal to rank?
Ranking rule # 2 also says it takes into account "the strength of your opposition". Is "strength" equal to rank? Or does "strength" mean how strong of an army one has in a particular game, like a 100 troop army is stronger then a 20 troop army?
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